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How Can I Adapt the
Open Account Pact To My Company?
You will find the detailed instructions you need for transition to the Open Account Pact as a company below.

Establishing A Common Fighting Culture

In order to create a common fighting culture for the same manifesto and values within your organization, you must pay relatively reasonable salaries and ensure that everyone knows how much everyone is paid. Therefore, your teams will focus on values more than financial gains.


We encounter exemplary models in which incomes are equal, reasonable, and transparent in armies where people are expected to make great sacrifices for the common cause. For example, when you become a lieutenant, captain, or colonel, the salary you will be paid is clear. Similarly, if you participate in special training as a Special Forces member, such as parachuting or bomb disposal, your salary will increase slightly for each new skill you acquire. In this order, armies pay more to SAT commandos, who can specialize in the attack vertical, and SoloTürk pilots, who specialize in air maneuvers. Thus, the army says to all its members, "If you want your labor to be more valuable (make more money), specialize in a field by gaining additional skills such as parachute, bomb disposal, helicopter piloting." However, no matter how much you specialize in a vertical, you will not be able to earn more money than a General in the end. Because a General has information about all the sea, air, and land elements apart from her own vertical. Thus, he/she can manage all the elements in the army as a whole and determine the right strategy. In this context, a general is also a "T-Man".* In addition, another variable between a Lieutenant and a General is the number of resources they are responsible for. In this context, the higher one's rank in the army, the higher their risk. The higher the risk, the higher its prize. As risk, seniority, and performance increase, return increases. Additionally, as the time you spend in the army increases, your rank increases and you receive medals and duty compensation as a result of additional performance. As a result, specialization, performance, seniority and risk taking are encouraged in armies.


Besides, all soldiers know how much salary everyone else is paid. There are no huge differences in salaries. For instance, a General in the Turkish army today is paid a salary of 5-6 times that of a newly graduated Lieutenant. However, according to the reports on salary research regarding the private sector, some companies today offer to pay their senior managers about 25-30 times the amount they pay to newcomers! In some global companies, this gap reaches up to 120 times. If you think, "Yes, but the armies also give their generals special opportunities such as office vehicles, security, lodging, army houses, etc.", please remember that some corporate companies allocate private vehicles, jets, and villas to their CEOs and distribute millions of dollars in bonuses.

On the other hand, regardless of the title, all the wages received in the armies are quite reasonable compared to the private sector. The monthly salary of an SAT Commando, who is expected to fight 24/7 and sacrifice himself when it is necessary, is around 35-45K TL. Similarly, in the USA, highly qualified personnel such as SEAL Commandos and CIA agents work for relatively reasonable salaries. The aim here is to keep the fee reasonable and invite only those who are dedicated to the cause. In this way, cooperation rather than competition develops between these goal-oriented individuals who know each other's salaries, do not have astronomical income differences between them, and receive reasonable payments.

*T-Human: An expert who knows everything about something and something about everything.

 Sample Pricing Statement


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The salary of the Junior level, which is the first step of the table above, is indexed to 50% more than the current minimum salary. At each subsequent step, the amount increases by 50%, and eventually the pay gap between Maestro and Junior reaches 5 times. As soon as the minimum salary in force is increased, the entire table is increased equally.

In the example above, in order to value labor at a higher level, the company expects the employee to become a "Virtuoso" by specializing in depth in one field, and then to develop himself in many branches of expertise and turn into a strategist "Maestro" who can manage resources in holistic harmony. In both cases, the resources that the employee must take responsibility for increase. At the same time, while a Junior is mostly expected to follow existing systems, as the title increases, the employee is also expected to improve business processes and even build new processes/models in their place. In addition, 10% severance payment is paid to employees who have completed five years in the company, and employees with superior performance are rewarded with reasonable bonuses. In addition, company bosses are remunerated according to this table and cannot withdraw dividends from the company.



In this example, when we pay 270 TL to the expert for his hourly work, we essentially value that person's one month as gross 48,600 TL, based on a monthly average of 180 hours (in cases where the month is four weeks old and 45 hours are worked per week). For example, this amount corresponds to a household income of 80,500 TL in a family where two people work under these conditions. In Turkey, where the poverty line for a family of four is around 60,000 TL gross, this figure is reasonable at a basic level. As the expert continues to deepen in his field and strengthen his leadership skills, he can get promoted over time and double his income by turning into an Expert, Virtuoso or Maestro.


If the organization targets its employees for amounts above these, it will cause the employee to focus on money rather than the manifesto and values and prioritize stockpiling. However, many different studies reveal that the motivation provided by bonuses is temporary and that employees are essentially pursuing a goal and experience to which they can be committed.

Can Employees Meet All Their Needs With These Hourly Wages?

So, Why don't we get investments?

In order to freely adhere to their manifesto and values, companies should not receive investments from VC funds or accept sponsorship (patronage) from private companies. The only income of the institution is its customers. The profit obtained from customers should be invested within the scope of the manifesto, in proportion to the effort (variable expense) to be given to the customer and only for the purpose of offering the relevant service to wider audiences. The owner of the company should receive the same salary as other senior executives. Apart from this, the founders and senior management should not receive a share of the profit and should not use the profit for their personal needs.

Which Costs Should Be Included In the Variable Expenses Category?

Variable expense items vary depending on the work done and the sector. However, in the end, variable expense is the "communal labor" you spend to create the "added value" in question. In this context, all of the additional marketing, sales and operational expenses that arise whenever you attempt to create the added value in question can be considered as variable expense items. In this context, your company officials can decide on variable expense items themselves and, for example, can directly explain to the public about variable cost items, expenses and salaries they pay through live broadcasts on YouTube.

Sales Price Calculation Method

- 1-

Calculate your three-month fixed cost.

- 2 -

Determine your unit based three-months sales goals

- 3 -

Divide your total fixed cost by the goal number and distribute the fixed cost over the products.​

- 4 -

Calculate your total cost, or variable cost, for the additional operations, marketing, and sales activities you need to carry out to achieve that sales goal.

- 5 -

Multiply the resulting total variable cost by two and divide by the sales goal. In this way, you will have loaded a profit margin on each product at the rate of labor.

- 6 -

Afterward, add the fixed cost that you have calculated in the third article into this.

- 7-

If your sales goals are below your expectations, update your calculation and give a raise. If your sales are above your expectations, balance your price by making a discount.

- 8 -

Instead of waiting for the new year to increase the salary or sales figures, you can update them when needed. 

Calculation Formula 

[(Fixed Cost/Sales Volume Goal) + (Variable Cost x 2)/Sales Volume Goal] = Sales Price of the Product

By Writing Its Own Manifesto,

Each Company Can Determine Its Own Purpose of Existence

Manifesto Example:

While resources are rapidly depleting, the world population has increased approximately 3 times since the Second World War. Social problems continue to grow like an avalanche with the population. Migrations, climate crisis, epidemics, conflicts…

Our world is rotating faster and more vulnerable than ever before.

Our world is spinning faster and more vulnerable than ever before.

All these problems experienced in every corner of the world are clearly reflected on the screens of our mobile phones. As the frequency of our encounter with these facts increases, "awareness" and "sensitivity" become the most important universal values. We have higher expectations from the institutions around us.

However, the leaders of the political parties of the nations, which are responsible for thinking only of their own interests, or the UN organizations, which are cumbersome with the bureaucratic understanding of the last century, cannot respond to these expectations. NGOs have difficulty in developing sustainable solutions due to their resources dependent on donations and sponsors, constantly changing employee groups, and problems related to work discipline brought by volunteering. The fact that companies see social responsibility as an advertising material with which they can increase their sales only increases the problems...

On the other hand, the "invisible hand" of the capitalist market, which has been released on a global scale over time, has been successful in regulating the market. But the same hand is also responsible for the climate crisis, disappearing species, and the fact that 1% of the world's population owns the equivalent of 60% of the world's wealth.

Our world is looking for a new generation of heroic entrepreneurs who can effectively combat these social problems that affect everyone in this post-capitalist era and work with the proposition of a new socio-economic model... Our planet is looking for warriors who can heal it.
You, me and everyone who says they can fight...

We are faithful that warriors who are high performing, visionary, resilient, altruistic, wise, persevering, fair and transparent, who can be happy by fighting social issues, and who feel the world's problems on their shoulders can heal the world. We say "yes" to the power of new generation entrepreneurship and dedication.

We believe that warriors who can be happy by fighting social issues, who can blend profit with purpose, who feel the world's problems on their shoulders, who are high-performing, visionary, durable, altruistic, wise, determined, fair and transparent, can heal the world.

We support those who can graduate from our training, for a lifetime, in an organized way. Our goal is to educate high-performing entrepreneurs who have the same vision and speak the same language, enable them to develop flexible cooperation amongst one another and provide revolutionary solutions.

We say "yes" to the power of new generation entrepreneurship and dedication.

On this path, we train Entrepreneurship Warriors with the necessary competencies to initiate this change, with our 420-hour unique training consisting of 3 stages, 214 lessons and 103 practices with 30 mentors and 20 consultants. Wise warriors who are durable and well-equipped, who never give up or get tired of fighting their fears, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, egos, and the wrongs they know to be right...

Apply, graduate and join us in this fight.

If you think you can be one of the heroes that the new age is looking for, join us to establish a winning and profitable post-capitalist business.

Let's heal the Earth together...

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