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Sıkça Sorulan Sorulara Açık Cevaplar
Varoluş Amacını Sorgulayan Tüm Şirketleri Kutlarız.

  • Are We Going To Be Revealing Our Trade Secrets If We Announce Our Expenses?
    When you make your expenses known, you will be disclosing your costs, as well. Therefore, your curious customers will be able to determine your profit amount through your sales prices. If your profit is well above your costs, the public may conclude that you are making an extravagant profit. On the other hand, if your profit is low, you will not be able to save money for investment. We recommend that you load a profit margin on your products in proportion to your variable costs. Because variable cost (cost of goods) represents the labor spent per customer. If you load a profit margin to your products proportional to this, you will be only demanding the return of your labor from your customers. In this way, there will be no need for bargaining. Your customers will be less willing to demand a discount when they see that you are making a profit in return for the labor you give them. Your costs should not be your trade secrets. Your trade secret should be hidden in your know-how of how you conduct your business and in your "secret recipe". Your expenses can be observed by examining what kind of purchases you make at what price, but how you mix, blend and productize them determines your real difference. Announcing your expenses motivates you and your team more to continuously increase the added value you create.
  • Will it not cause an internal disturbance if all our employees can see the scale of the salaries paid?
    If there is a big gap between salaries, it will. Today, the amount needed to maintain a healthy life in every country is more or less certain. Paying much higher or lower than this average amount may make your employees speculate. Especially, paying an astronomical amount of salaries to your managers will disturb both your customers and the other employees. Thanks to OAP, the arguments and questions arising within your team, who realize that they work on equal terms with everyone, will be replaced by cooperation. People want to work with you, not because you pay an astronomical amount of salaries, but because they are impressed by the objectives of your company. Let's not forget that we come across models where incomes are equal, reasonable, and transparent in armies. For example, when you become a lieutenant, captain, or colonel, the salary you will be paid is clear. There are no major differences in salaries. For instance, a General in the Turkish army today is paid a salary of 2,5 times that of a newly graduated Lieutenant. However, according to the reports on salary research regarding the private sector, some companies today offer to pay their senior managers about 20-30 times the amount they pay to newcomers! On the other hand, regardless of the title, all the wages received in the armies are quite reasonable compared to the private sector. The monthly salary of an SAT Commando, who is expected to fight 24/7 and sacrifice his life when it is necessary, is around 10.000 TL. Similarly, in the USA, SEAL Commandos and CIA agents work for reasonable salaries. The aim here is to invite people who are dedicated to the process, by keeping the salary price reasonable. That way, cooperation rather than competition develops among these purpose-oriented individuals who know each other's salaries, do not have an astronomical income difference, and receive reasonable payments. And we, civilians, watch movies about these people with envy. Similarly, the salaries of all government officials are open to the public. In this context, and most fundamentally, it is this transparency that holds armies and states together. Communities working in similar conditions focus on purpose rather than money and they are more willing to fight together.
  • What good does it do us to announce our expenses?
    Announcing your expenses has a number of benefits for your company: It will be easier to make a profit in proportion to the amount of labor you put in because your customers will be less willing to demand a discount. Since your company will not make unreasonable profits, it will not be complacent and will constantly strive to produce higher added value. When employees see the income justice within the company, the cooperation amongst them will strengthen. Your team, customers, business partners, and the international community will trust the sincerity of your company towards its goals.
  • Why is it not enough for us to announce our balance sheet?
    A balance sheet is a structured financial instrument. Since many items can be hidden within this document, it is not transparent enough. However, the bank statement is extremely transparent as it shows the direct expenses in their raw form with explanations.
  • We are already audited by independent audit firms. Doesn't that show that we are transparent?
    The fact that you are being audited shows that you are operating within the law, however, it does not show that you are transparent or you believe in your manifesto. The independent audit company can only verify that you have made a transaction in accordance with the tax legislation and SSI practices. An independent audit firm is not concerned with where you spend your profits, how much profit you make, and what salary you pay to your employees.
  • Who initiated the Open Account Pact movement?
    The OAP (Open Account Pact) movement was initiated by Sarpaş Danışmanlık A.Ş. in April 2022. The system was developed by Berke Sarpaş and you can find more detailed information about the system in the book "Entrepreneurship Fighting Perspective: Entrepreneurship in the New Order (Girişim Savaşçılığı Perspektifi: Yeni Düzende Girişimcilik)", which was released by Alfa Publishing as of May 2022.
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