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Sıkça Sorulan Sorulara Açık Cevaplar
Varoluş Amacını Sorgulayan Tüm Şirketleri Kutlarız.

  • If we declare our expenses, won't we also be revealing our trade secrets?
    When you disclose your expenses, you will also reveal your costs. In this way, your curious customers will be able to determine your profit amount by taking your sales prices into consideration. If your profitability exceeds your costs, the public may conclude that you are making exorbitant profits. Even if your profit is low, you cannot save money to invest this time. We recommend that you add a profit margin to your products in proportion to your variable costs. Because variable costs (Cost of Goods) represent the effort spent per customer. If you add a profit margin commensurate with this on your products, you will only demand from your customers the reward of the effort you put into them. This way, you don't need to bargain. When your customers see that you are making a profit in proportion to the effort you put into them, they will be less willing to ask for discounts. Your costs should not be your trade secret. Your trade secret should be in your “know-how” and “secret sauce” about how you do your business. By looking at your expenses, you can observe what kind of purchases you make and at what price, but how you mix, blend and productize them determines your real difference. Declaring your expenses will motivate you and your team to constantly increase the added value you create.
  • Won't it cause unrest within the company if all our employees see the scale of salaries paid?
    If there is a gap in salaries, it will widen. Today, the amount needed to live a healthy life is more or less certain in every country. Paying too much or too much below this average amount may cause concern for your employees. Especially paying astronomical wages to your managers will disturb both your customers and other employees. Thanks to OAP, discussions and question marks are replaced by cooperation within your team, which realizes that it works on equal terms with everyone. People want to work with you because they are impressed by your company's goals; Not because you pay astronomical salaries.
  • What good does it do for us to declare our expenses?
    Disclosing your expenses has a number of benefits for your company: It will be easier for you to make a profit in proportion to the effort you put in because your customers will be less willing to ask for discount. Since your company cannot make exorbitant profits, it will not be complacent and will constantly strive to produce higher added value. When employees see income justice within the organization, cooperation between them will be strengthened. Your team, your customers, your business partners and the international community will trust your company's sincerity towards its goals.
  • Why is it not enough for us to announce our balance sheet?
    A balance sheet is a structured financial instrument. Since many items can be hidden within this document, it is not transparent enough. However, the bank statement is extremely transparent as it shows the direct expenses in their raw form with explanations.
  • We are already audited by independent audit firms. Doesn't that show that we are transparent?
    Being audited shows that you are operating within the law, it does not prove that you are transparent or believe in your manifesto. An independent audit company can only confirm that you have carried out transactions in accordance with tax legislation and SSI practices. An independent audit company is not interested in where you spend your profits, how much profit you make, or what salaries you pay your employees.
  • Who initiated the Open Account Pact movement?
    OAP (Open Account Pact) movement Sarpaş Danışmanlık A.Ş. started by. The system was developed by Berke Sarpaş, and you can find more detailed information about the system in the book "Entrepreneurial Warrior Perspective: Entrepreneurship in the New Order" published by Alfa Publishing House as of May 2022.
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